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Web Applications for Contests and Promotions

We have been partnering with clients and brands for over ten years, specializing in the administration and execution of online contests and promotions for both small and large media companies.

We help our clients take advantage of the marketing potential of the Internet by providing applications that increase online advertising revenue, extend client branding, and help gain new visitors while retaining existing visitors.

Some of our web applications include:


Pro Pigskin Pick'em

Football Season is upon us. Check out our 2014 Pro Pigskin Pick'em Contest.

College Clickoff

The College Football Season is almost here. Check out our 2014 College Football Contest.

Ecard Birthday Club

Latest News

College Bowl Mania is around the corner - 09/08/14
The College Bowl Mania Contest challenges players to successfully select the winners of each bowl game. Learn more.

Time is running out to run football contests for 2014 - 07/30/14
College and Pro Football is right around the corner. Call us today! To learn more about our football contests click here.

Pro Football and College Football are almost here - 04/23/14
Clients are gearing up for the football season. To learn more about our football contests click here.

A Great Year for Hoops Pick'em - 03/01/14
Our Hoops Pick'em contest was a huge success this year. More clients chose our solution this year than ever before. For more information about this application click here.

CMK partners with Odds On Promotions again for 2014 Hoops Pick'em Contests - 01/15/14
We partnered with Odds On Promotions of Reno, NV to help clients offer their contestants the chance to win huge prizes including $50,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000 in cash. Contact us to learn more.

Auto Racing Starts in February - 12/08/13
For information about 2014 Race Day Challenge, click here.

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Interested in our services? Call us toll free at 1-866-719-3990. Click here for additional contact information.
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